Coal for sale

Rice, Buckwheat, Nut or Pea Coal available in 40 lb bags.
Also available in bulk.

Current pricing is $285.00 per ton
Prices subject to change.
$5.70 per bag for Rice, Buckwheat, Nut or Pea
Delivery available in Western and Central MA and Northern CT. Call for delivery charge.


Benefits of Coal Heating

Anthracite's low sulfur and high carbon content makes it an extremely clean-burning fuel. It produces virtually no smoke or polluting emissions

Coal is an economical source of heat. Heat is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. Pound for pound, coal is extremely high in BTU content, yet remains reasonably priced. Using this measurement as a comparison, the cost of anthracite can be significantly lower than gas, oil, electricity, cord wood, wood pellets, or propane.

We sell all sizes of anthracite coal from rice to chestnut, either bagged or in bulk. Delivery is available at reasonable rates.

Another bonus with anthracite is that there is very little ash to be disposed of with no creosote build-up in the chimney.

Key points:

• Steady Reliable, High Output Heat
• Clean burning Anthracite coal
• Easy to use
• Tremendous Fuel Cost SAVINGS!
• Easy to maintain ... Occasionally empty the ash container.
• Easy to install

Easy to use:
Simply add coal to the hopper every two to three days, set the variable temperature control, and empty the ash pan every 1-2 days.

offers some great advice about choosing the right stove, installing your stove,
operating and maintenance - click here for more info

Coal Stove Safety Tips:

  • Coal Stoves should be installed by a qualified, licensed heating technician. The installation must comply with your local building codes.

  • Install coal stoves in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. View the stove owner's manual for installation instructions. Coal stoves should be operated in accordance with the instructions in the Coal Stove User's Manual.

  • Coal stoves should be cleaned according to your Owners Manual.

  • Read your owners manual to gain a total understanding of your coal stove.

  • Never leave small children unattended in the room where the Coal Stove is located. Barriers can be erected to insure that small children and family pets do not come in contact with hot surfaces.

  • Coal Stoves require that you always use a high quality carbon monoxide gas detector. Your carbon monoxide detector should either run on batteries or have a battery backup system to insure that the carbon monoxide detector continues to work if power is disrupted. Test the carbon monoxide detector for proper operation on a regular basis. Batteries should be replaced at least semi annually.

  • Make sure you have a high quality smoke detector in your home. Make sure that the smoke detector either runs on batteries or that there is a battery backup to insure that the detector works if power is disrupted. Test the smoke detector on a regular basis. Replace the batteries in the smoke detector at least twice each year.

  • Make sure your chimney or direct vent is clean, clear and in good repair. Have your chimney inspected by a competent professional.

  • Always use low sulfur, low ash Anthracite Coal of the quality specified in your stove owners manual. Quality bagged Anthracite Coal is available from CSM.

  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby and handy and make sure everyone in the household knows how to use your extinguisher. Have the fire extinguisher checked annually by a qualified technician. Many times your local fire company provides this service.

  • For further information on the safe operation of your stove please contact the National Fire Protection Association to obtain a copy of their publication Using Coal and Wood Stoves Safely NFPA No. HS-10-1978.